Analog Pool Day

For my inaugural post on this blog I wanted to start things off with a set of images from a shoot that I felt really captures the direction I am heading with my photography. I got my start in photography shooting film, and like most, I went digital and the majority of my photography career and experiences have been in the digital realm. Despite that, I have always maintained a few film cameras in my collection and would occasionally shoot a few rolls here and there. In 2018 I started shooting significantly more film. And now halfway through 2019, I am shooting almost all of my personal and editorial work on film, and am actively trying to push film in my client work. 

This shoot with Maddie(Nous Models) came together somewhat last minute in between trips for commercial work. My goal was to do a shoot capturing the vibe of someone just hanging out at the pool rather than the super posed, glamorous, controlled, and polished style I would have shot in the past. Luckily Maddie is incredibly talented and designs and makes her own bikinis and completely understood the style I wanted to capture and moved and posed in a more natural and subtle way. What wasn’t so lucky was that wound up with periods of intermittent cloud coverage, but the show must always go on and we powered through. 

From a technical standpoint this shoot was as simple as they come. The entire shoot was shot on a Canon EOS-1V using both the Sigma 24-70 F/2.8 Art Series and the 135L. As I had initially planned on a sunny day at the pool I primarily brought one of my favorite film stocks, Kodak Gold 200. I absolutely love the color and contrast this film gives(and as a bonus, it’s cheap!) but it would have been better suited to a sunny day rather than a cloudy one. Eventually I switched over to Portra 800 to help battle the lower ambient light levels due to the clouds. This was only my second time shooting Portra 800 and I have to admit, I really like the way it looks. I tend to think Portra is a bit overrated and find the colors to be less exciting than other films. That being said, I do believe in taking full advantage of the hybrid workflow and I do tend to tweak colors in post, even when shooting film. I have to admit though, I find the 800 speed version to be much more appealing than 160 variant. 

All in all I’m fairly satisfied with the way this shoot turned out. It has been a learning experience weening myself off of digital as well as trying to shoot in a looser way. I’m looking forward to re-shooting my book over the coming months and with a little luck I’ll keep learning and improving. Hopefully I don’t suck. 

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